Sustainable supply of clean water to urban and rural areas is a key factor in maintaining socio-economic growth & development. This includes treatment of raw water supplies to potable standards, ensuring that current supplies are used efficiently through water conservation and demand management initiatives, as well as ensuring that returned / recycled effluent does not harm the environment and deteriorate the raw water quality of resources.

Moedi has highly qualified water treatment and waste water treatment specialists, with extensive experience developed over many years through designing and implementing numerous technically challenging projects. The specialized services offered by Moedi also extend to the broader aspects of water conservation and water demand management, including the reduction and control of non-revenue water. Many local authorities have been assisted over the past decade to increase the profitability and efficiency of their water supply business.

The company furthermore completed a range of master planning studies for municipalities on their water supply and sanitation infrastructure. We have also been instrumental in the compilation of several water services development plans for various local authorities, have consulted at a provincial level and have provided management assistance and facilitation regarding planning at a local government level.


Specialized Water services we offer:

  • Water treatment works; 
  • Waste water treatment works; 
  • Water conservation and demand management; 
  • Non-revenue water management; 
  • Asset audits and condition assessments.