Land development and associated municipal infrastructure constitute the foundation of modern civilization. It provides the basis for functional working and living environments for communities, as well as related economic growth through commercial, industrial, mining and agricultural activities. Effective land development and provision of infrastructure intersect various disciplines in the civil engineering field.

Moedi is well equipped to add value within the civil engineering field. Our technical competencies and decades of relevant experience in this area of business are integrated to deliver effective infrastructure solutions to clients through our offered services.


Civil Engineering services we offer:

  • Water supply and reticulation;
  • Sanitation and sewer reticulation; 
  • Roads and storm water drainage; 
  • Flood line studies; 
  • Bulk water supply; 
  • Outfall sewers and rising mains; 
  • Pumping stations (water and sewage); 
  • Engineering surveying; 
  • Asset audits and condition assessments.