The Moedi executive management team represents the backbone of the company, as they act as custodians of technical knowledge, gained from decades of experience on a wide variety of projects. The management team imparts its broad based knowledge and expertise in the civil & structural engineering fields to project teams in the form of team leadership, technical design input, and acting in advisory capacity on projects being lead by other professionals in the company. The executive team has also developed a number of areas of specialisation in the water engineering field in which the individuals and collective can be regarded as experts and the company be viewed as preferred supplier as a function of depth of competency in these areas.

The nature of the business calls for the executive team to also take up a functional role as managers of regions and / or specific offices and as such are distributed geographically throughout South Africa. This enables them to combine both their technical knowledge and management expertise in the various regions in which Moedi has presences. All directors are active in project and contract management stemming from the business' general civil engineering service offerings.