In 2002 the firm embarked on a programme of expansion and transformation to meet the challenges and changing demands in Southern Africa. Careful recruitment and training programmes are designed to ensure that the high level of expertise built up in the firm in the past is not only maintained but also continually enhanced to meet the different needs of our various clients. With a well-trained committed staff complement, the company is well prepared to meet the engineering challenges that lie ahead.

Affirmative Action Initiative

On the affirmative action side our policy is to fill vacancies by considering HDI’s with preference.  Although the company has a way to go in balancing its workforce, our true intentions in this regard are evident from recent appointments in the company.  This remains an area of focus and we expect consistent progress over the coming years. Progression and advancement within the company is based on merit and the development of junior HDI staff in the key developmental areas. Eventually, the candidate dictates their true worth and ability.

Our Bursary programme

The bursary programme allows deserving scholars to study at universities and universities of technology in a field of study specifically dictated by the areas of competency development and ongoing capacity planning. Secondary considerations are development with a specific role and career path. Moedi Consulting Engineers gives ongoing financial support to deserving technical students who also benefit by doing their in-service training at Moedi.

Training and Development

Moedi provides ongoing skills training and educational support to enable employees to advance within the specific functional role within the company. We aspire to support our staff in developing their specific competencies, encourage good work ethics and personal development. Constant on the job training and management enhances the skills, and allows staff to approach problem solving with confidence.  As a result, a cohesive team of skilled professionals is available to ensure the success of projects on any scale.